A robust solution for track switching at Queensland Rail

When Queensland Rail Ltd. was experiencing unacceptable failures of track switching electric drives they approached Moog Engineers to help develop a robust solution based on Moog products and expertise.

The Challenge

To develop a design that would reliably provide track switching and survive two serious threats to the drive electronics.

  • Lightning transients that induce thousands of amps into the drive
  • Traction fault currents from the high voltage overhead power supply lines that induce many hundreds of volts into the drive.

The Solution

To upgrade hydraulic power units (HPU) currently used by Queensland Rail Ltd with a highly reliable Moog brushless servomotor and integral drive electronics. This unique solution eliminates the carbon debris that would normally result in catastrophic motor failure and incorporate the necessary filters and protection circuitry on-board.

The Result

  • Moog solution received a Full Signalling Type Certificate from Queensland Rail.
  • 100 HPU units upgraded with Moog Brushless Servomotors and integral drive electronics.
  • After 3 years of in-field service no faults/failures have been recorded, proving the Moog servomotor to be 100% reliable.