Electric and Hydraulic Servo-actuators

Standard Electric Linear Servoactuators

  • Compact inverted ball screw design
  • Reduced physical size
  • Increased power density
  • Ideal for most linear actuation applications

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Flexible Electric Linear Servoactuators

  • Higher Forces, rod speeds and longer strokes
  • Custom stroke lengths available
  • Inline and foldback designs with internal anti-rotate
  • Several screw-leads for speed/force variations
  • Variety of motor winding for optimum performance

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Hydraulic Actuators

Moog has vast experience developing actuators for some of the world’s most demanding applications and building high performance motion control components is one of our strengths.

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CB Series Parison Actuators for Blow Molding Machines

The Moog CB125 series Parison Actuator is a customdesigned, equal area actuator for the control of die gap position on blow molding machines. Die gap position controls the Parison profile to achieve optimal material distribution during the molding process.

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