Boosting Productivity in Steel and Iron Production Machinery

Moog Australia has actively supported the local heavy industry sector for more than 30 years. Initially established in 1979 as a factory certified service repair facility for servo-valves, Moog Australia has expanded its capability from the supply and support of mechanical feedback servovalves through to the design, manufacture and installation of high performance control systems used in an array of industrial automated applications. This all translates into the following significant benefits for local heavy industry operators:

  • Factory certified repair and aftermarket support on all Moog servo and proportional valves, servoactuators and associated control electronics
  • Aftermarket and new application support of Moog analog and digital control electronics
  • Professional engineering consultancy for servo mechanical and hydraulic motion control systems
  • Application experience in upgrades of heavy industry high performance motion control

Moog Australia’s heavy industry application upgrade experience in closed loop control provides cost effective solutions, plant and equipment life as well as the potential for gains in productivity, improved reliability and better health management of automated machinery.

Requirements for motion control in iron and steel production machinery are challenging including the need for the highest precision, reliability and productivity, even in harsh environments with high temperature. Moog's 40 years of experience in the industry provides a deep application knowledge that is matched with a proactive approach to offering products and solutions that meet the exact requirements of this industry.

Our solutions can be found in the following high performance applications:

  • Blast furnace top gas recovery turbine unit
  • Electrode position control of steelmaking Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)
  • Tundish slide gate and ladle level control of continuous caster
  • Mold oscillation control of continuous caster
  • Peeler arm position, step control and mandrel in hot steel mill coil and box
  • CVC and AGC/HGC in hot steel mill finishing
  • Roll bending and roll shifting in hot steel mill finishing
  • Coil handing in down coiler
  • AGC in plate steel mill
  • Bar guide in bar steel mill

Our typical services include repair, upgrades, and training as well as project studies, consulting, basic and detailed engineering, on-site installation and commissioning that are available upon request.