Moog Australia has provided engineering support for Moog’s motion simulator product range for more than 10 years. Our application supports extends from the supply of after market services through to the design and integration of 6DOF hydraulic and electric motion platforms.

As the leading designer and manufacturer of 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) motion base systems for Full Flight Simulators, control loading actuators and helicopter and fighter G-seats, Moog collaborates with our customers to set a whole new standard in performance and versatility.

We have built more than 500 motion bases for leading flight simulation customers around the world, with further Level D-compliant simulators coming on line every month.

In addition, we have installed more than 4,000 control loading channels in the field, ranging from basic flight training applications to high fidelity full flight simulators.

Finally, high-performance Moog G-seats round out a roster of solutions that has helped us become synonymous with leading-edge motion control.

By collaborating with you to move your ideas ahead, our design teams have earned a reputation for innovation and problem solving, helping you meet your toughest challenges such as transitioning from hydraulic to electric technology, improving the productivity of your training systems and maximizing your system investment.

Moog Australia simulation products and services cover:

  • Design and manufacture of multiply axis hydraulic and electric motion platforms
  • Standard range of 6DOF motion ranging from 1000 to 2500kg payload
  • Controlled loading solutions for pedal, steering and lever simulation – hydraulic and electric
  • The design and development of G-Seat technology
  • Haptic training / simulation devices
  • Repair and qualification of servo – both hydraulic and electric sub-assemblies – namely actuators, servovalves and control electronics