Oil & Gas Solutions for the World's Toughest Environments

Improve the performance of your downhole drilling tools and rig and subsea equipment with Moog high performance motion control solutions for oil and gas applications.

Downhole Drilling - Increase Your Tool's Reliability

  • Increased drilling depths in offshore and other hostile environments
  • Enhanced recovery from brown fields
  • Remote operations and diagnostics
  • Improving the return on investment for exploration and production
  • Extended drilling time between trips

Rig and Subsea Equipment - Reduce Drilling Time

  • Designed for 20 to 30 year life
  • Up to 1 million cycles
  • Redundant systems for fail-safe operations

Moog Australia collaborates with you to create the best solution for your unique application delivering a complete solution that incorporates our high-performance components such as electric linear servo actuators, brushless servo motors, alternators, electronic motor controllers, explosion-proof servo valves and other products designed to meet your needs.