Gas and Steam Turbines

Moog is the global supplier of choice for all major International OEM’s of both gas and steam turbines. Our products and systems metre the flow of liquid and gas fuels and actively control turbine blade geometry. But here in Australia we have lifted that support to a whole new level.

Moog Australia offers local in-country support on all Moog equipment brought into the country already fitted onto turbines. In addition, we offer the following home grown services to the Australian Power Generating Industry.

  • Service exchange programs customised to the needs of your power stations, outage plan. 
  • These programs are aimed to maintain a rotable stock of the critical servovalves and actuators used on your machine, and to have them available on a planned schedule.
  • Custom retrofit/upgrade actuator projects designed to interface with your machines, current control system and replace old or unreliable turbine actuators.
  • A full suite of hydraulic servovalves as a direct ‘form-fit-function’ replacement for all non-Moog servovalves.

Industrial Gas Turbines

From products that precisely meter high temperature, high pressure liquid or gaseous fuel, to offerings that actively manage the pressure oscillations associated with today’s dry-low NOx combustion systems, Moog has the technology to provide cost-effective, high performance solutions. Our industrial gas turbine solutions include:

  • Liquid fuel metering units
  • Fuel pump assemblies
  • Electric inlet guide vane controls
  • Fail-safe electric actuators
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Electric fuel control assemblies
  • Manifolds for dual fuel applications

Industrial Steam Turbines

Moog can provide cost-effective, high performance solutions using either hydraulic or electric technology. Our offerings include:

  • Fail-safe electric actuators for process steam stop and/or control valves with ATEX certified explosion-proof option
  • Motion controllers
  • Electric fail-safe actuators for bleed valve control
  • Fail-safe hydraulic actuators for process steam stop and/or control valves with ATEX certified explosion-proof option
  • Fuel metering units (FMU)
  • Servovalves

Customer Benefits

  • Customized and standardized solutions satisfying stringent project specifications
  • Local engineering organization to provide excellent engineering communication
  • Local manufacturing providing competitive quality and lead times
  • Experience in GTCC (gas turbine combined cycle), nuclear and geothermal steam turbine applications
  • Global aftermarket support

From product to system design, Moog understands the requirements of the power generation industry and works closely with turbine OEMs to meet their demanding specifications.