Security Overview

We provide sophisticated solutions for the security market, utilizing a number of various technologies developed internally and via acquisition. Our various security sites provide everything from components to smart integrated solutions. Using these components, our Sensors & Surveillance Systems team can provide unique integrated solutions to meet your demanding security requirements.

Within Moog, we refer to the combined activities of Security, Sensors & Surveillance as ‘S3’ for obvious reasons, and in this capacity we bring together the recently acquired and long established businesses of Quickset International, Knox Video Technologies and Videolarm.

As the primary designer and manufacturer of electro-optic systems for security and communications, Moog offers a full range of components such as rugged pan-tilt units, tripods, camera housings and domes for integration into larger security systems. We can integrate these with your own cameras, illuminators, thermal imagers and acoustics to create unique surveillance nodes that connect into existing networks. We also offer rapid deployable ‘stand-alone’ systems with wireless command and control for covert surveillance.

Within Australia Moog provides local S3 support for all areas of critical infrastructure namely ports, oil & gas, transportation and defence.

Security-Related Moog Websites

Moog Quickset

Moog QuickSet® pan and tilt systems have built-in intelligence the subsystem platform node to maximize the functionality and flexibility of your pan/tilt surveillance or communications system. Our pan-tilts and integrated nodal systems can be utilized for various applications, from military pan-tilt systems to broadcast systems. Moog QuickSet pan-tilt integrated nodal subsystems improve system life cycle, reduce integration risks, and let you plug 'n play new components as technology changes.

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Videolarm offers an array of high-quality and innovative surveillance products that are scalable to meet your ever-changing needs. With our team of highly-trained and tech-savvy engineers, Videolarm has been a driving force in innovating the security industry. From the world’s first camera dome to their hailed IP Ready™ line, Videolarm is committed to providing solutions for your security requirements.

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Knox Video

Knox Video was founded in 1975 and is widely recognized as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of logic-based television studio equipment.

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