Test Controllers and Software

Moog's approach is to build interchangeability of hardware, software and accessories into our subsystems. This ensures maximum flexibility and ease of use as well as the ability to pass innovations learned across applications to our other customers. From our unique force-loop model to failsafe measures to protect the test article to advanced interconnect networks, we are known as the leading-edge control systems supplier in the markets we serve.

Our test controller advantages include:

  • Advanced control technology - Unique force loop model for exacting control and faster testing
  • User-friendly operation - For maximum flexibility in your test lab and less set-up time
  • Reliability/traceability - Easily configurable failsafe safety features to protect your valuable test articles and keep those testing going at all costs
  • Networking - You can be sure to have the high-performance interconnect network you need for current and future needs
  • Value - From new equipment to upgrades, you can buy just the features you need

Automotive Test Contoller

The automotive test controller adapts to your challenge level and meets all complex tests requirements both with electric and hydraulic actuators. The user can control up to 32 channels as needed and accommodate a maximum of 8 independent stations. The channels allocated to one station become interdependent.

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Aerospace Test Controller

Moog delivers the flexibility, innovation and trusted solutions you need for a smart approach to aerospace testing. The heart of our all of our solutions is the control hardware and software that sets the pace for the industry.

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Portable Test Controller

The Portable Test Controller is a 1-4 channel stand-alone digital servocontroller that has been carefully designed based on input from users to meet the demanding needs of automotive testing. It can be used for manual control, constant amplitude tests and high performance handling of complex testing formulas.


Modular Test Controller

The Moog Modular Test Controller is ideal for simple and complex tests and supports the Moog Integrated Test Suite, the software recently introduced to the marketplace. Its design makes it accessible from the operator's desktop but also allows for easy integration into your test machine on your network.

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Integrated Test Suite: Software Overview

Moog's Integrated Test Suite enables you to set up and run more tests faster and more efficiently anywhere in the world due to optimal algorithms, state-of-the-art workflow and a centralized database.

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Test Software Modules

The flexible software architecture offered in Moog's new Integrated Test Suite helps you to match your investment to your unique test requirements. You can add more features as your test program matures. The Integrated Test Suite gives you access to all modules: Runner, Replication, Sinesweep and Random Vibration and to specific advanced features as required.

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